NO CUB SCOUT MAY BE DROPPED OFF AT THE PACK MEETING. All Cub Scouts must have an adult responsible for them. This can be a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, brother, sister, or other family member. This adult must be able to take them home if they are ill or are dismissed from the pack meeting. ALL CUB SCOUTS AND PARENTS SHOULD ARRIVE 10 TO 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE PACK MEETING BEGINS. This will allow people to conduct business and get settled before the opening ceremony.

All uniforms shall be official Cub Scout issue. A uniform shall consist of the official Cub Scout shirt, TUCKED IN, neckerchief and slide, the optional red brag vest, and hat worn in the FORWARD DIRECTION ONLY. Pants should be clean and neat, without holes, tears, or otherwise in disrepair. Shorts of the same type will be allowed in the warmer months. Sweat pants are not acceptable. Alternate Pack or Den t-shirts will be allowed at designated meetings. Scouts and leaders will wear the uniform for all den meetings, scout outings, pack meetings, and camp outs. Scouts should be in uniform no later than the second pack meeting after they join. Adult leaders are asked to set the example for wearing the correct uniform for the Cub Scouts.

Den leaders are required to hold an average of three den meetings or an equivalent of three (3) hours of meeting time a month, during the school year. Summer hours are up to the discretion of the leader. These meetings are at their own convenience as to time, date, and place. Two unrelated, registered adult leaders, who have been trained, are required to be present at all den meetings. Meetings without two unrelated adult trained leaders must be cancelled and rescheduled by the leader.

Cub Scouts are expected to behave appropriately during the activities in which they are participating. Parents will be asked to pick up their scouts early for any discipline problems at the discretion of the den leader. Inappropriate behavior, including hitting, inappropriate language, or disrespect to any other individual at any meeting or pack event will result in dismissal from the pack or den meeting. After three such dismissals, the Cub Scout will not be allowed to attend any meeting or outing until further arrangements have been made with the Cubmaster.

Den dues are payable each week a den meeting is held. Since den dues are used to cover the cost of supplies and materials for den projects, THESE DUES ARE PAYABLE EVEN IF THE CUB SCOUT IS ABSENT.

Den leaders are required to keep the parents of their Cub Scouts informed as to upcoming events, changes in scheduling and other items of interest. Leaders must send notes or call parents on the phone.

Each family registered with the pack is required to provide assistance with a minimum of one pack activity/position per school year. Parents are required to assist the den leader in any way necessary. This is in addition to any pack obligation.

Each Cub Scout is responsible for participating in the Pack fundraising efforts.


Payments for tickets, reservations, or fees for items the pack must purchase in advance are due at sign-up. Nothing will be reserved or ordered without payment. After payment, these moneys are non-refundable.

All leader training sponsored by the Council can, at the leaderís request, be paid for by the pack. This includes registered pack committee members, den leaders, and assistant den leaders. If funds are available, the pack can also, if the committee decides, pay for the annual all-day training conference. All leaders are required to take the necessary training for their level within six months of registering. Each Webelos den is required to have at least one adult leader that has completed the Webelos training and Outdoor Webelos Training (OWL).

The pack will participate in the Segment Award program allowing the Cub Scouts to wear the red brag vest. This is not a program sponsored by the BSA. It is legislated by the individual packs. The segments are available through the pack. The pack will pay for and provide the boys with these patches, for all pack activities, through the awards chairperson. Segments can also be used as a part of the den program. The pack also participates in the Sports & Academics beltloop & pin program.

issued OCT2005 M.Friebus-Flaman, packchair